What We Offer
Virtual Tours by Phoenix has devised a variety of offerings, so no matter what the selling price of the property you are listing,
we have a tour for you. All Tour Packages (with the exception of the Ultimate Drone Tour) include HDR photos of your property.

The Basic Walking Tour...

Our walking tour begins with a front view of the property, then moves in close to the front door, "burning" its way into the foyer or living room. The tour continues through the house, exiting into the back yard where a panorama of the back of the house is shown, plus any special features. The tour reenters the home from the back, moves back through the main living area and concludes at the front of the property. Agent is provided with a unbranded version of the tour, plus a branded version to send to prospective customers. All tours have share buttons which allow you to post them on Facebook, Tweet Twitter or as an E-Mail Attachment.  Agent also receives a full set of HDR photographs to use in other marketing efforts.

Every home deserves a virtual tour, and not just photos that move in and out!

Please view the examples to your right. There is a full screen button in the bottom right corner of the videos.
PRICE: $190.00


The Ultimate Drone Tour...
The ultimate drone tour provides both front and rear flyovers, all done within the regulations issued by the FAA. If the home is on the water, golf course or other special feature, special emphasis is made to provide both front and rear exposure, showcasing the property's location. Like the Walking Tour, this virtual visualization includes the ability to share and is provided in both branded and unbranded versions for your marketing convenience.  You are provided with an overhead shot of the property to use as your lead photo as you input into MLS.

The examples to your right provides a full screen version. Enjoy the exterior tour of the fantastic golf-front home and a non-golf front home.
PRICE: $220.00




The Combo Package
The best of both worlds, this package provides a drone tour of the front of the property, entrance through the front door and a full floating walk-through of the home. at some point the tour exits into the back yard, where the drone provides a horizontal sweep of the property, then rises into the sky to showcase the location of the home and help the viewer visualize the magnificent views they are missing. When the tour comes back to ground level, it re-enters the home from the rear, works its way through the house, exits the front door and hovers over the front of the property.

As above, the examples to your right has a full screen button, offers sharing and will give you a better idea of the best way to showcase your listings, regardless of their location.
PRICE: $390.00



The Ultimate Combo Package

The ultimate package is The Combo Package for a home that is Premier size or larger (3,000 sq. ft. or larger) Both interiors and exteriors are filmed in more detail, showcasing your Luxury Home Property as it should be.

The example to your right is of a incredible home in Sunbury, a Premier home community in The Villages, Florida. Enjoy the tour and be prepared to fall in love.
PRICE: $440.00



One-Of-A-Kind Custom Work
Every one in awhile, you have a very special property and you need something done, very special for your special property. The tour to your right is just such a home. Located just off Lake Griffin, this home has a covered dock with lift and a host of additional features. Nothing would do it justice but to start on the lake and work our way up the canal to the home.

If you have such a property, please call us and let's discuss your specific needs. Properties like this cannot be fixed priced, but our work speak for itself, and a home such as this one deserves nothing less! For more information, please call us today.


Commercial Buildings, Churches,
Golf Courses & More!

Whether you specialize in commercial or residential properties, we have something for you. We can fly our drone indoors in large, open buildings, allowing us to shoot from a variety of angles and from places not normally accessible otherwise.

If you specialize in commercial real estate, churches or  recreational areas, please call the number above and let's discuss how we can provide an unparalleled level of virtual tour excellence for your property.



An initial setup charge provides you with a branded version of each tour, complete with your photo, broker logo, name, phone number, email address, website address if applicable and all necessary logos to be compliant. Current clients of Phoenix Marketing who have had websites built in the past are exempt.
PRICE: $100.00



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